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By Robert |  Feb 3, 2023.

I get on the bus and I immediately feel the need to let the players know I’m not a narc. There’s ten guys all between the ages of 19-23 and then some random 50 year-old (me) riding with them. I know several of the players from interviewing them in the past, and the last thing I want is for them to think I’m there to write some “and then I heard Josh McCray say a bad word” article.

So I tell them the truth. Which, honestly, came out more like a “look guys, I’m the cool dad” speech. I’m riding along because A) I’m writing an article about the event, B) I live in Champaign and need a ride to Chicago, and C) the Illini Guardians asked if I could ride along as the chaperone for the event. Which is nothing more than “if anything goes wrong, or if the bus never shows up, we need someone there we can text and coordinate alternate plans.”

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